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Interview with Yukiko Shikata.

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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer “Amodal Suspension” (2003), Opening project of YCAM
“COOP HIMMELB(L)AU: FUTURE REVISITED” (ICC, 2009), “Astro Baloon 1969 Revisited – Feedback Space” (2008)
“Connecting Worlds” (ICC, 2006), from right to left: Fischli & Weiss “The Way Things Go”, Dennis Oppenheim “A Feed-Back Situation”, exonemo “OBJECT B”
“Kingdom of Piracy” (2001-05), co-curated by Armin Medosch, Shu Lea Cheang, Yukiko Shikata
Ryuichi Sakamoto + Shioro Takatani “LIFE – fluid, invisible, inaudible …” (ICC, 2007), *one third of the installation
"Light InSight" (ICC, 2008), alien productions “Thought Projector” (2007)
"Mission G: sensing the earth" (ICC, 2009)
“MobLab: Japanese – German media camp 2005” (2005) @ Expo Park, Osaka; Bus travel project + online
“open nature” (ICC, 2005), doubleNegatives Architecture “Corpora.proceed(sky)” (2005)
“Open Lab.” in Tokyo Zokei University and beyond, “Urban Picnic” in downtown Tokyo on April 29, 2010 “” (ICC, 2009), “emergencies! 013”, the corner to introduce emerging artists.

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  Verina Gfader
  Yukiko Shikata