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Speakers:>  Alix Collingwood & Andrea McDonald & Axel Lapp & Benjamin Weil & Beryl Graham & Chris Kirby & Ele Carpenter & Graham Harwood & Ilana Mitchell & Julie Milne & Laura Sillars & Lisa Panting & Lois Keidan & Lucy Byatt & Lucy Bayley & Marguerite Nugent & Sarah Cook & Winnie Sze

This session is available as a video recording in the BALTIC Archive:

1. Breakout group one: Commissioning for Collection

Expert: Benjamin Weil (LABoral)

CAS questioner: Julie Milne (Laing)

Local curator questioner: Alix Collingwood, MIMA

Organiser reporter: Beryl Graham (CRUMB)

2. Breakout group two: Residency / Product / Collectors

Expert: Lisa Panting (Picture This)

CAS questioner: Winnie Sze

Local curator questioner: Dr Ele Carpenter Lecturer (MFA Curating, Dept of Art, Goldsmiths College)

Organiser reporter: Lucy Bayley (CAS)

3. Breakout group three: Collections / Community / Process

Expert: Graham Harwood

CAS questioner: Marguerite Nugent (Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery)

Local curator questioner: Andrea McDonald (independent curator)

Organiser reporter: Axel Lapp (CRUMB)

4. Breakout group four: Live Art / Documentation / Archive / Public Space

Expert: Lois Keidan

CAS questioner: Chris Kirby (The Herbert, Coventry)

Local curator questioner: Ilana Mitchell (Wunderbar)

Organiser reporter: Lucy Byatt (CAS)





  Sarah Cook
  Beryl Graham
  Benjamin Weil
  Ele Carpenter
  Graham Harwood
  Ilana Mitchell
  Axel Lapp
  Lucy Byatt
  Lisa Panting
  Lois Keidan
  Laura Sillars
  Julie Milne
  Alix Collingwood
  Winnie Sze
  Lucy Bayley
  Marguerite Nugent
  Andrea McDonald
  Chris Kirby