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Crisis to Bliss ISEA 2006 / ZeroOne festival of art on the edge, San Jose, CA
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Crisis to Bliss ISEA 2006 / ZeroOne festival of art on the edge, San Jose, CA

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Speakers:>  Alison Craighead & Beryl Graham & Jon Thomson & Sandy Stone & Sarah Cook & Saul Albert

This was the first of the CRUMB workshops proposed to a festival, which have followed a method of responding to the contexts of media art conferences and festivals, and the art crises that they sometimes induce. This workshop is primarily documented at the blog:

Publicity material: Plan to have your new media (art) meltdown at ISEA 2006! The CRUMB Crisis to Bliss Centre will be there to help.

The Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss hosts workshops based around a nice cup of tea and a sit down at the ISEA festival. The Centre is designed to address the various crises practitioners in the new media art field (artist, curator, festival organizer) have or are experiencing. Theraputic activities include eating cookies and drinking tea, baking cookies, napping, unplugging, stretching, screaming, talking, reading and general problem solving.

Invited artists and facilitators for the scheduled workshop sessions include Thomson & Craighead, The People Speak and Allucquere Rosanne Stone. Doctors (of the academic kind) are on hand in the Crisis to Bliss Centre surgery to dispense advice, review work and suggest collaborative solutions to crises of all kinds.



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  Sarah Cook
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  Jon Thomson
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