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Bliss Out Centre, Enter_unknown territories festival Cambridge

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Speakers:>  Beryl Graham & Charlotte Frost & Ele Carpenter & Kelli Dipple & Sarah Cook

A two-day workshop commissioned by Enter_unknown territories festival. Publicity material and links to documentation are below, including Paper Fortune Tellers on the future of media and collaboration made during the workshop.

Please come to the CRUMB "Bliss Out Centre" on Thursday and Friday (26/27 April) during the hours of the conference for a reviving cup of tea (and a biscuit and a sit down)! The curatorial resource for upstart media bliss welcomes you and offers some light relief from the stresses of navigating unknown territories at Enter_ We’re located in the West Lodge of Downing College, adjacent to the conference, on the ground floor.

Bliss Out Centre facilities include:

Specialist advisors on hand! The CRUMB team will be available at all times: Ele Carpenter; Sarah Cook; Beryl Graham. THURSDAY AFTERNOON we welcome Charlotte Frost – knitting net art historian; FRIDAY AFTERNOON we welcome Kelli Dipple – cross-platform feasibility queen.

Indian head massage! Indian Head Massage is not only relaxing – it stimulates lymphatic flow, helping to detoxify the body. The massage includes a mixture of calming and stimulating movements which quiet the mind and invigorate the body. It can help relieve tension and stress, increase feelings of wellbeing, and improve sleep. 20 minute massages will be given over clothing. The massage includes the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp, ears and face, and short consultation. The massage is given with the client sitting in a chair. Many people actually fall asleep and it’s important to allow yourself some quiet time after your massage. Drink plenty of water, and don’t rush back to the conference. Give yourself time to readjust in the Bliss Out Centre. Remember to switch off your mobile devices!

A self-help reading library, motivational posters, and new media art bibliographies! And a rousing critique of relational aesthetics.

Biscuit recipe exchange and teatime blogging tips! Courtesy of our guests and Ellie Harrison (

Open source embroidery! Open Source Embroidery is based on the common characteristics of needlework crafts and open source computer programming. Both practices involve sharing and modifying patterns or code. Information is shared through a social process of development that values amateur and professional creativity. You are invited to participate: embroidery threads, hoops, fabric and needles will be provided. Knitters welcome too.

Game and art therapy! Ever wondered what pick-up-sticks can teach you about organisational models? Vanquish frustration by overcoming hurdles in a one-on-one game. Participate in Beryl Graham’s Fortune Tellers as she attempts to predict the future of media art.



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  Beryl Graham
  Ele Carpenter
  Charlotte Frost
  Kelli Dipple