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Real Time Knowledge - triangulating voices
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Real Time Knowledge - triangulating voices

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Speakers:>  Axel Lapp & Beryl Graham & Guthrie Lonergan & Helen Sloan & Kathryn Lambert & Kelli Dipple & Michael Connor & Oliver Laric & Sarah Cook

Each of the curator/researcher pairs above will host a roundtable discussion with everyone in attendance to share opinions, audience experiences and knowledge on that subject. All knowledge is welcome, from the individual anecdote to hard research. Each group will have an assigned chair and documenter who will aid in reporting back to the final panel, and whose notes will contribute to an on-line publication.





  Sarah Cook
  Beryl Graham
  Kelli Dipple
  Axel Lapp
  Michael Connor
  Kathryn Lambert
  Guthrie Lonergan
  Oliver Laric
  Helen Sloan