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Cook, Sarah (2003). "Toward a theory of the practice of curating new media art." In: Melanie Townsend (ed.) Beyond the box: Diverging curatorial practices. Banff: Banff Centre Press. 169-182.
--> developed from the Banff Curatorial Summits, this chapter summarises some existing models for curating, in terms of context creation and content creation. Sara Diamond also has a chapter in this book which partially concerns curating media art.

Cornwell, Regina (1996). "Artists and interactivity: Fun or funambulist?" In: Carol Brown and Beryl Graham (eds.) Serious Games. London: Barbican Art Gallery. Also available from URL: <>
--> concerns gallery audiences' interactions with reference to Duchamp and the Guggenheim.

Dietz, Steve (2003). "Interfacing the Digital." Museums and the Web 2003. Available from URL: <>
--> a recent paper dealing with installation problems for new media. Good illustrations including work from Sarai.

Dietz, Steve (1998). "Curating (on) the web." Museums and the Web98 Papers. Archives & Museum Informatics, 1998. Available from URL: <>
--> one of the first papers to deal with aspects of exhibition-making online (see also Steve Dietz's publications).

Dietz, Steve and Scott Sayre (guest eds.) (2000). Spectra. (USA) 27 (1). Museum Computer Network: Available from URL: <>
--> 75 curators, artists etc. give their short opinions on 'The Millennial Museum'. The web site includes email 'postcards' to send.

Frohne, Ursula (1999). "Old art and new media: The contemporary museum." Afterimage (Sept/Oct).
--> useful art history on installations from The Louvre to Lynn Hershman.

Fuller, Matt (2000). Art meet Net, Net meet Art. Available from URL: <>
--> current issues for in museums.

Gillick, Liam and Maria Lind (ed.) (2005) Curating with light luggage. Frankfurt: Revolver/Kunstvereinmunich.
--> collection of new curators including Minerva Cuevas.

Graham, Beryl and Sarah Cook (2002). "Curating new media: Net and not net." Art Monthly, Nov. 44-45. Available from URL:<>
--> a brief introduction to issues for new media art curating.

Graham, Beryl and Sarah Cook (2001). "A curatorial resource for upstart media bliss." In: David Bearman and Jennifer Trant (eds.) Museums and the Web 2001: Selected papers from an international conference. Pittsburgh: Archives & Museum Informatics. 197-208. Available from URL:<>
--> a brief summary of issues for new media art curating.

Greene, Rachel, Gloria Sutton and Matt Fuller (2002) "Voiceover." Afterimage March/April.
--> critical discussion of net art and museums. See also Jan/Feb issue for discussion of Manovich's The Language of New Media.

Kittler, Friedrich (1996). "Museums on the digital frontier." In: John Hanhardt (ed.) The end(s) of the museum. Barcelona: Fondacio Antoni Tapies.
--> the introduction to this book, by Keenan, can be found at <>.

Krauss, Rosalind (1990). "The cultural logic of the late capitalist museum." October (54 Fall). 3-17.
--> a sharp consideration of the role of various media in the 'Disneyfication' of museums.

Kuoni, Carin (ed.) (2001) Words of wisdom: A Curator’s Vade Mecum. New York: ICI/Independent Curators International.
--> a collection of advice from contemporary curators, including Steve Dietz.

Morris, Susan (2001). Museums and new media art. New York: Rockefeller Foundation. Available from URL: <>.
--> a 35-page research report with quotes and organisational details from around 40 interviewees (all USA apart from the Tate). Some interesting details on budgets and commissioning. (see also reports)

Putnam, James (2001). Art and artifact: The museum as medium. London: Thames and Hudson.
--> a curating book which, unusually, has good images and includes a brief consideration of new media art such as net art and Jeffrey Shaw.

Schaffner, Ingrid and Matthias Winzen (eds.) (1998) Deep storage: Collecting, storing and archiving in art. Munich: Prestel.
--> from an exhibition which considered archives as art. Includes material by Geert Lovink, Lynn Hershman, and Nam June Paik.

Schleiner, Anne-Marie (2003). "Curation fluidities and oppositions among curators, filter feeders, and future artists." Intelligent Agent, 3 (1). Available from URL: <>
--> a provocative short article nicely contrasting methods for 'old and 'new' curators.

Schofield, Simon and Susan Collins (1993). "The exploding gallery: New media and public art." Creative Camera (Feb/Mar).
--> two short considerations of placing new media in 'public spaces'.

Scudero, Domenico (2004) Manuale del curator: teoria e practica della cura critica. Rome: Gangemi Editore.
--> in Italian. Includes lots on curating new media art.

Seydel, Jorinde (1999). "The Exhibition as Emulator." Mediamatic 10 (1). Available from URL: <>.
--> exploring art/information display

Thomas, Catherine (ed.) (1996) The Edge of Everything: Reflections on Curatorial Practice (Naming a Practice). Banff: Banff Centre Press.
--> a collection of comments from curators about their practice, including Lilian Tone (on the intermedia work of General Idea), Nina Czegledy, and Joshua Decter (on his new media intervention at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago)

Townsend, Melanie and Dana Claxton, Steven Loft (eds.) (2006) Transference, Tradition, Technology: Native New Media, Exploring Visual and Digital Culture. Banff: Banff Centre Press.
--> a history of Native media art projects, it includes work by artists and curators including Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew, Dana Claxton, Alanis Obomsawin, Buffy Ste-Marie, and Skawennati Tricia Fragnito, among many others.

Wade, Gavin (ed.) (2000). Curating in the 21st Century. The New Art Gallery Walsall.
--> from a conference, including Nedkova's Inside Out - Curating the New Media Culture of Bulgaria



> Banff Centre for the Arts International Curatorial Research Institute - hosts curatorial fellows, and Curatorial Summits.

> Bard College's Center for Curatorial Studies - New York State. Masters including documentation of student shows including Protocol Prone by Jennifer Crowe, 2000.

> Centre for Cultural Policy Studies - University of Warwick - lists some new media research by MA students.

> - New blog by Michelle Kasprzak of New Media Scotland, on Curating contemporary art, including job opportunities.

> Cyberatlas - Jon Ippolito's experiments in data, mapping and curating.

> De Appel - Curatorial Training Programme, Amsterdam. Regular new media art.

> Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts - Haute école d'art visuel HES, Geneva run a "Critical Curatorial Cybermedia" couse (see CRUMB interview with Liliane Schneiter)

> Goldsmiths Curating / Postgraduate Study - London. Some new media art occasionally, and a student blog started in 2004, but patchy since then.

> HGKZ, NDK Curating - HGKZ, NDK Curating Zurich. New postgraduate course with a substantial interest in new media art, and connections with the excellent Curating Degree Zero project.

> I-Dat at the University of Plymouth - I-Dat at the University of Plymouth run an MA|MSc Digital Futures which includes a Curatorial Practice module, and the project.

> Liverpool John Moores University - s starting an MA Curating New Media in 2006.

> MECAD/ESDi: audiovisual, gestión cultural, interactivos - MA on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media, but the web site doesn't reveal much about what the students do.

> Media Centre of the Musee d'Art Contemporain de Montreal - a thorough listing of websites, museology section recommended. In French and English.

> Mouseia - papers and articles about museum related issues, from the University of Toronto's Mouseia site.

> Museo Laboratoria di Arte Contemporanea, University di Roma - have a postgraduate course which includes a special interest in new media.

> RCA's Curating Contemporary Art - Masters Degree Course includes online shows. Occasional new media art.

> University of Leicester, Museums Studies - publish books and run conferences, and are starting to include new media issues (though mainly as interpretation).

> University of Sunderland's MA Curating - (new from 2005) includes a module taught by CRUMB.

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