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Bosma, Josephine (2006) “Art as experience: meet the active audience.” In: Tom Corby (ed.) Network art: Practices and positions. London: Routledge. 24-39.
--> discusses a range of new media art works sited in public places.


> ANweb: contracts for artists - UK-based AN magazine runs good advice pages for artists re contracts, commissions, copyright etc. Not specifically new media at the moment, but planned for the future.

> Art and Technology - "Digital Culture in Europe - An Inventory of Good-practice Models of Centres of Innovation in Arts and Technology (1998-1999)" by Mediacult, Austria.

> Art That Makes You Say Hmmm - very informal comments and audience responses to 010101 at SFMOMA, by Robin Clewley in Wired.

> ArTronics - technical and audience use details of an interactive installation artwork by Pamela Jennings.

> Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE) - US-based, with a directory of current research/theses.

> Beryl Graham's PhD thesis - is available on-line and includes some case studies of audience use (duration, interaction between users, etc.) of several interactive installations in mainstream galleries.

> CAA Ethics & Guidelines: Works in New Media - (USA) Handling and screening guidelines, but not much detail on the really tricky bits.

> Curating New Media Art: SFMOMA and 010101 - A 2002 report by Beryl Graham, including press and audience feedback.

> Labculture report - concerning a new media art production workshop series 2004/5 (PVA Medialab, Bridport UK).

> MAP Media Arts Projects - MAP Media Arts Projects founded by Lisa Haskel (UK). Several reports on new media art administration, including the TECH_NICKS report on a touring new media streaming workshop.

> MTAA's (now defunct) Website Unseen purchaser's agreement - (USA) slightly tongue-in-cheek document.

> MTAA's website unseen #68: Hardware, Software, Justrightware - (USA) includes a proposal for exhibition standards of new media work.

> Museum Computer Network - (USA). Mostly interpretation, but informed on new media as art.

> Perry Hoberman - interviewed about audience use of his multi-user installations.

> Play Garden - An Arts Council of England initiative including audience research on art-sci exhibits.

> Radical reports - a selection of reports concerning art-sci research, collaboration, and production labs.

> Report on Digital Curator project - Report on Digital Curator project by Keith Murray. Connected with the Curating New Media Workshop in Australia, this is a survey of curators re new media training needs.

> Rockefeller new media reports - The foundation has supported 3 reports: 'Museums and New Media Art' by Susan Morris; 'New Media Arts, New Funding Models' by Pamela Jennings; 'Pathways to Innovation in Digital Culture' by Michael Century.

> Support For New Media Arts In Canada: What Place For Artists? - article by Marilyn Burgess in Sitestreet Journal.

> The Copyright Site: Digital - (USA). Mostly for commercial artists, but interesting.


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