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Presentation: "Art And Money Online"

... of a crossover audience between those people who knew about online culture and Web art and those people who know about gallery and museum art...

Presentation: Tamas Banovich, Postmasters Gallery, NY.

...1994 or 95 I was struck by the fact that there was this huge cultural change going on - that technology changed how people interact, work and how they perceive the world - and this somehow wasn't reflected in art of the ...

Presentation: Matthew Gansallo, webworks for the Tate.

... came up from the audience at some point, we didn’t want them to say that artworks were going out that no one knows about...

Presentation: Iliyana Nedkova Presentation

... this site-specific audience who is very well dispersed across the Internet channels...

Presentation: Matt Locke: The Media Centre, Huddersfield

...the community of audience which was developing for new digital work. Organisations like HTBA were already starting to look at the practice/audience link and physical build projects were being...

Presentation: Clive Gillman FACT Centre, Liverpool

...for a very diverse audience * How to design a media arts space for people with sensory disabilities. * How do you make it cool but accessible * How do you deliver on the funding outputs * Who is resp...

Presentation: Carol Stenakas: Anchorage / CreativeTime, New York

...a very different audience to the space, but this has meant that the space is seen as a ‘club’ rather than a cultural paradigm. There is confusion by the audience over who CT are, Are they:Pro...

Presentation: Production: Nichola Feldman-Kiss

... interesting new audience and shows the potential audience that we can reach...

Presentation: Distribution: Discussion

... way of building an audience that did show up when the actual that happened, rather than the training event. Michelle Kasprzak: I have a comment and it goes back to not everybody has computers...

Presentation: Consumption: Liane Davison (Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey BC)

... We have a general audience – an audience that may not necessarily have contemporary art sophistication...

Presentation: A new test presentation

... test...

Presentation: Space and Time: Place

... to get a Native audience in to see it...

Presentation: Space and Time: Live

... a whole new audience into the building...

Presentation: Space and Time: Audience

... not convinced the audience would really appreciate it or respond well...

Presentation: Space and Time: Discussion

... because that audience will not respond to that in that context...

Presentation: Consumption: Discussion and Concluding Remarks

...cycle in terms of audience perception of exhibitions: that you have to go from art, be it a landscape painting, to technology, to technology with content and then to make that leap to that being art and the...

Presentation: Mark Tribe Presentation

...As far as your audience is concerned, they'll come to you to see interesting work. MARK TRIBE: It is sneaking up on us I think, and it's a little dangerous and we're at this point now where lots of people...

Presentation: On being curated: Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

... rings of audience affected by an art work...

Presentation: Beryl Graham: Summary of

... centres audience studies will be on Crumb. Will try to get Clive's ACE report...

Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Feedback Session

...of the audience experience from an institutional perspective, which is I think an element that’s often left out of the equation, and I think it often really enriches the experience of watching, reading a wo...

Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Breakout Groups

...How do you capture audience experience and interaction? Is audience reaction documented in re-performance? How? Video the interaction and play back and ask the interactor to describe what they...

Presentation: Evaluation and Audience Engagement (Curatorial Masterclass Series 2009)

... last ...

Presentation: Real Time Knowledge - triangulating voices

... to share opinions, audience experiences and knowledge on that subject...

Presentation: Reports from Breakout Groups

... as valuable (i.e. audience taken videos on Youtube). Partnerships between institutions – New Museum, MCA and Hammer pooled resources – financial and people...

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