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Presentation: Curating New Media Art: Welcome and introductions

... at the issue of installation and I was just putting together some images of various projects (some of which I’ve been involved in) to address this...

Presentation: "Art And Money Online"

... that there was one installation - Autogena’s and Portway’s - which required a lot of money and so I think that immediately involves you in certain compromises which RTI, as I said, steps around...

Presentation: Tamas Banovich, Postmasters Gallery, NY.

...talks about the installation work of Jon Klima] Audience responses: Sarah Cook: … I wanted to start by asking you to comment on the relationship between the gallery as a commercial entity and how the mus...

Presentation: Matthew Gansallo, webworks for the Tate.

... moved on to installation and public art...

Presentation: Iliyana Nedkova Presentation

... very elaborate installation design tactics which had successfully absorbed the artists’ and curator’s fees and reportedly killed the intimate artistic gestures of the blind-dating technology project...

Presentation: Matt Locke: The Media Centre, Huddersfield

... up interactive installation pieces...

Presentation: Carol Stenakas: Anchorage / CreativeTime, New York

... a site specific installation for 2 Columbus Circle (originally built as a museum, a very contentious architectural space which was largely ‘empty’ and also provided a hub for the subway)...

Presentation: Introductory Remarks

... Nicola has a large installation in our current exhibition Localities, which was curated by Sylvie Fortin, and features the work of six local artists...

Presentation: Production: Nichola Feldman-Kiss

... of the technical installation and coordination of the IT for last night...

Presentation: Distribution: Skawennati Tricia Fragnito (curator, cyberpowwow, Montreal)

... there would be an installation of the project...

Presentation: Consumption: Jean Gagnon Presentation

... as an interactive installation in both French and English?' And that's just how we did it...

Presentation: A new test presentation

... test...

Presentation: Space and Time: Space

... the development of installation and earth works, etc)...

Presentation: Space and Time: Audience

... a terminal and an installation of the game in Cornerhouse...

Presentation: Space and Time: Discussion

... quite a packed installation in the gallery, which broke down that traditional connoisseur aesthetic where there is one object every 10 metres...

Presentation: On being curated: Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

... that the installation did not make the relationship between the MUSH space and the island explicit enough...

Presentation: Beryl Graham: Summary of

... of installation rather than video, 'we work in seconds'. Minutes seem like a luxury...

Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Feedback Session

... documenting the installation process and some of the creation process is a really important part of the picture...

Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Caitlin Jones presentation

... also includes some installation shots so this is what the work looked like, a close up of what the actual Nintendo game cartridge looks like, the various ways the work has been installed...

Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Breakout Groups

... both the creation/installation and finished product – who has rights to it afterwards? Art and tech experiments – not aware what you are doing is worth documenting, or will ever be recreated, i.e...

Presentation: Discussion of Reports, Summary and Farewells

... the production and installation of the work in institutional space...

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