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Interview: Interview with Peter Weibel, Chairman and CEO of the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, Germany.

... approached new media curating, both in regards to the exhibition net_condition and more generally...

Interview: A conversation between Kathy Rae Huffman and Julie Lazar.

...the advent of new media art, and that both Kathy and Julie had begun their careers in institutions and then had moved to do work independently (Kathy in 1991, Julie in 2000). Kathy Rae Huffman: It must...

Interview: An interview with Matthew Gansallo

... experience of new media to the point of research and reading, and on the architectural side of things, so it was within my remit...

Interview: New media, 'community art', and activism. Interviews with Natalie Bookchin and Brendan Jackson.

... more public and media attention to our site...

Interview: Multi-Multi-Media: an interview with Barbara London

... of studying media art...

Interview: An interview with Larry Rinder

... you brought new media production into the art institution...

Interview: An interview with Christiane Paul

... become involved in media art and in new media curating? Christiane Paul: My original background is in American literature...

Interview: An interview with Benjamin Weil.

...categories within media arts? Benjamin Weil: When I came here two and a half years ago, people were saying to me 'what is media arts' and I said 'I don't know, but let's say I'm the cur...

Interview: Small Enough ... an interview with Liane Davison

... which shows new media work from artists in residence, can be a studio, and can also connect with the Gallery (see plan)...

Interview: Critical Curatorial Cybermedia course: an interview with Liliane Schneiter

... Curatorial Cybermedia is one of the few curating courses to explicitly mention new media (apart from the specialist course at MECAD, Barcelona)...

Interview: Videotage Hong Kong: An interview with Ellen Pau

... moving from lens media to new media; workshop and educational models; the roles of artist or director; and popular culture...

Interview: Interventionism and Revolution

... using independent media and open source and free software, and how those dialogues and patterns work...

Interview: Régine Debatty

... artists and new media cultural producers all over the world - and in many of them ask them the same questions I’ve just asked you about sustainability of practice...

Interview: Interview with Christiane Erharter.

... DIY practices in media and music; sound lectures; curating as discursive field; punk; and shifting cultural economies...

Interview: Interview with Michele Thursz.

... about Post media as after the fact...

Interview: Interview with Laura Fernández & Marcos García.

...structures for new media art production, issues of timescales, cultural contexts, and the roles of participants, audiences and “cultural mediators”. Beryl Graham: The first set of questions are abo...

Interview: Interview with Nathalie Anglès and Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria.

... when it’s media based...

Interview: Interview with Magdalena Sawon and Tamas Banovich.

... presenting new media works since 1996...

Interview: Interview with Michael Mandiberg.

... interview with Michael Mandiberg took place at Eyebeam on the 23rd of October 2008...

Interview: Interview with Rudolf Frieling.

... and perhaps new media work too...

Interview: Interview with Miki Fukuda.

... within IAMAS, the media art school in Gifu prefecture, when I was working there as a lecturer...

Interview: Interview with Yukiko Shikata.

... entering media art, longterm projects and curating as research...

Interview: An interview with Alessandro Ludovico

... within the new media field; these definitions like ‘the curator as editor’, ‘the curator as filter feeder’, ‘the curator as aggregator’.....

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