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Evaluation and Audience Engagement (Curatorial Masterclass Series 2009)

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Speakers:>  Anne Barlow & Hans Bernhard & Sarah Cook & Stephen Duncombe

The last session of the curatorial masterclass series will ask, who is participating in open curatorial projects? Why? How do we know what they’re getting out of it? What can be learned from the revisions/lifelines used in open source software generation and how can that way of thinking be applied to consideration of the “lifeline” of a curatorial project? What are other evaluation strategies that can be applied to curating, such as comment boxes or feedback forms? Obvious and proposed benchmarks of success will be interrogated.

Watch the video online at Eyebeam:

Guests: Anne Barlow (Executive Director, Art in General); Hans Bernhard (Artist,
Eyebeam respondent: Stephen Duncombe (Research Associate, Eyebeam)



  open source


  Sarah Cook
  Anne Barlow
  Hans Bernhard
  Stephen Duncombe