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Beryl Graham
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Interviews (as interviewer):
>New media, 'community art', and activism. Interviews with Natalie Bookchin and Brendan Jackson.
>An interview with Benjamin Weil.
>Critical Curatorial Cybermedia course: an interview with Liliane Schneiter
>An interview with Matthew Gansallo
>Small Enough ... an interview with Liane Davison
>Interview with Michele Thursz.
>Interview with Laura Fernández & Marcos García.
>Interview with Nathalie Anglès and Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria.
>Interview with Rudolf Frieling.

Presentations (as participant):
>Beryl Graham: Summary of
>Artists' roundtable
>Dating for Media Bliss @ Futuresonic Manchester
>Crisis to Bliss ISEA 2006 / ZeroOne festival of art on the edge, San Jose, CA
>Bliss Out Centre, Enter_unknown territories festival Cambridge
>Documenting New Media Art: Feedback Session
>Documenting New Media Art: Breakout Groups
>Real Time Knowledge
>Real Time Knowledge - triangulating voices
>Breakout groups
>Introductions to the day
>Reports from Breakout Groups
>Discussion of Reports, Summary and Farewells


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