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> 404 Object Not Found - What remains of media art? International congress concerning the production, presentation and preservation of media art Dortmund, from June 19 to 22, 2003.

> Alchemy International Masterclass - ANAT, Australia, 2000.

> Art & Technology Symposia - The Kitchen, NY, 2000 see 'past special projects' - a series which included Sins of Change, and also Art Frontiers with Ground Zero, SF, which included several curators, and a report.

> Art - Place - Technology: International Symposium on Curating New Media Art - Liverpool 2006. Speakers include Arns, Gere, Dzuverovic, McDonald Crowley, and Cook.

> Cached/Lingo - ICA, London, 1998. A series of day conferences about new media art, conservation, archives and curation. See also a review of Cached5: Curating on the Net on Rhizome.

> CHArt - Computers and the History of Art - (UK) mostly about educational technology, but more mentions of new media art since around 2002.

> CRUMB Curating New Media event - including BALTIC, The Media Centre and Ottawa Art Gallery.

> Curating and Presenting New Media Art - Brussels 2005. Speakers include Jacob Lillemose, Sarah Cook, Kobe Matthys, Laurence Rassel, and De Geuzen.

> Curating New Media 2 (Navigating Intelligence) - Banff Centre for the Arts, 1999. Report from conference concerning data/systems art. Also Report 2 from the same event.

> Curating new technologies and fine art practice - Bloc, Cardiff, 1999.

> Curating the Contemporary: New Sites of Practice - Design Council, London 2006. Organised by the MA Curating Contemporary Design at Kingston University London, this includes a session on Curating New Media [design] by Lauren Parker of the V&A.

> Digital Dialogues: Curating Byte-Based Art - SF Art Institute, San Francisco, 2001. One-day symposium with an illustrated document of an additional on-line discussion between Steve Dietz, Benjamin Weil, and Lawrence Rinder. See also Afterimage articleSee also Afterimage article.

> Digital Salons - New York, 2001. A series of streamed seminars about web broadcasting, including 'The Challenge: Presenting Digital Art'.

> Hybrid Discourses: Curatorial Practices - A brief summary is also in the 'discussion'section.

> Mapping New Territories - Neue Kunst Halle St. Galen, March 12, 2005. One day conference about media art and the institution, to accompany their exhibition of the same name (catalogue available).

> Mediate: Curating New Media Workshop - ANAT, Australia, 1999.

> Museum Computer Network - (USA). Mostly interpretation, but informed on new media as art.

> Museums and New Media conference - , Constant, Brussels 1998. Speakers incl. Wark, Huffman, Frenkel.

> Museums and the We - (USA). Mostly interpretation, but some new media as art. Good documentation.

> Preserving the Immaterial: A Conference on Variable Media - Guggenheim, New York, 2001. Conference involving Jon Ippolito and concerning archiving issues for a range of contemporary media/conceptual work.

> Radiodays - at De Appel Amsterdam in 2005 included roundtables and interviews with curators including Hans Ulrich Obrist and Seth Siegelaub about curating audio.

> Refresh! - International conference on the history of media art, science, and technology. Banff Centre for the Arts, 2005. Includes Collecting, Preserving And Archiving The Media Arts, a panel chaired by Steve Dietz, and other curators.

> Sins of Change: Media Art in Transition Again - Walker Art Center, 2000.

> Tate - , London. Archived webcasts of Tate events including Curating, Immateriality, Systems 2005; When New media was New 2004; Moving Image As Art: Time-based Media in the Art Gallery 2001; Art and Money Online Symposium 2001.

> Technology in the 1990 - NYMOMA, 1996. Archived essays and discussion by Barbara London, Julia Scher & Benjamin Weil, and Simon Penny. Some discussion of audience.


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