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Cosic, Vuk (ed.) (2001). per me. Ljubliana: MGLC. Available from URL:<http://>
--> book produced for Venice Biennale, with subsection on 'museology' edited by Sarah Cook and including postings from CRUMB and CREAM.

Anton, Saul (2001). "Net gains: A roundtable on new-media art." Artforum, March. 119-125.
--> with curators David Ross, Benjamin Weil, John Weber, Lawrence Rinder, Christiane Paul and Debra Singer from SFMOMA and the Whitney.

Bourriaud, Nicolas (2002). Relational Aesthetics. Paris: Les Presses du Reel.
--> curator from the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, outlines his views integrating the "social interstice" of artworks by Gabriel Orozco, Gordon Matta-Clark, and Felix Gonzalez-Torres with more recent new media forms by Rirkrit Tiravanija, Philippe Parreno etc. Also available in French (1995).

Bourriaud, Nicolas (2001) Post production. New York: Lukas & Sternberg.
--> the follow-up to Relational Aesthetics which suggests the analogy of DJ-ing to contemporary art making (and by extension curatorial practice), and the digital and networked practices of appropriation, tweaking, remixing and redistribution.

Daniels, Dieter (1995). "A Conversation on Media & Art between Dieter Daniels (former curator in charge of the media collection at ZKM) & Volker Grassmuck, Tokyo, 8 March 1995." In: Dieter Daniels & Inke Arns (eds.) Minima Media. Leipzig: Medienbiennale Leipzig. Available from URL: <>.
--> a fair amount on curatorial issues.

Dietz, Steve (2000-) Yproductions. Available from URL: .
--> an incredibly useful collection of most of the curator's articles and essays, along with WebWalkabout postings and blog.

Doherty, Claire (ed.) (2003). FACTORS 2000. Liverpool: FACT.
---> one of series of small books covering the years since 1989, tracing the development of FACT creative technology centre against a wider timeline. Eddie Berg introduces each, and 2000 has essays by Sarah Cook and Nicolas Bourriaud.

Druckrey, Timothy with Ars Electronica (eds.) (1999). Ars Electronica: Facing the future. Cambridge and London: MIT Press.
--> a historical portrait of a festival, with some curatorial insights.

Druckery, Timothy (2001). "[...] J8~g#|;Net.Art[-^s1 [..." In: Timothy Druckery and Peter Weibel (eds.) net_condition: Art and global media. Cambridge: MIT Press.
--> not actually global, but interesting.

Egg (2000). Egg.Available from URL:< gt;.
---> US TV show site includes "Who's the Art Boss" - detailed interviews with curators (and the curated, such as Mark Amerika and rtmark) including the Whitney Biennial web art.

Golonu, Berin (2001)."Net art's broadening niche." Afterimage, May/June. 4-5.
--> critical discussion of the curating of the exhibitions 010101, Telematic Connections, and Data Dynamics.

Golonu, Berin (2000). "A conversation with Benjamin Weil." Artweek, 31 (5). 17-18.
--> Benjamin Weil founded ada'web, a New-York based online gallery for the commissioning of net art projects, and also worked in new media at the ICA, London before being named Media Arts curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Harris, Craig (ed.) (1999). Art and Innovation: The Xerox Parc Artist-In-Residence Program. Cambridge: MIT Press.
--> detailed and revealing case studies of art-science projects.

Jacobson, Karen (ed.) (2001). 010101: art in technological times. San Francisco: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
--> perspectives from several curators, including fine art.

Ross, David A. (1996). "Radical software redux." In: Lynn Hershman Leeson (ed.) Clicking in: Hot links to a digital culture. Seattle: Bay Press. 344-348.
--> a curator's comparison between the public output expected of video and the rhetoric of digital outputs.

Weibel, Peter (2001). "The Project." In: Timothy Druckery and Peter Weibel (eds.) net_condition: Art and global media. Cambridge: MIT Press.
--> a curatorial perspective.

» A curator's Japan research trip diary, made public on the Internet by NYMOMA's Barbara London. See also Moscow trip.

Empire of Signs. Another curator's Japan research trip diary made public on the Internet by Walker Art Center's Philippe Vergne.

Lind, Maria (2007) “The collaborative turn.” In: Johanna Billing, Maria Lind and Lars Nilsson (eds.) Taking the Matter into Common Hands: On Contemporary Art and Collaborative Practices. London: Black Dog Publishing. 15-31.
--> includes reference to new medi art.


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