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Interview: An interview with Matthew Gansallo
... some papers on architecture and museums in North Carolina and Detroit. As for the angle I took, it's as follows...

Interview: Multi-Multi-Media: an interview with Barbara London
... as well as architecture and design, photography and film...

Interview: An interview with Benjamin Weil.
... Weil is Curator of Media Arts at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art...

Interview: Interventionism and Revolution
...example considered architecture a minor art because it was always in the last instance functional and therefore not capable of producing a transcendent aesthetic experience, so there was traditionally an ar...

Presentation: Matthew Gansallo, webworks for the Tate.
... in responsive architecture (this is using light and walls to confuse the users of certain buildings as though they were falling into a well or walking into a wall whereby it wasn’t, and so forth)...

Presentation: Matt Locke: The Media Centre, Huddersfield
... chalkboards. The architecture of presentational space sometimes doesn't support interactivity...

Presentation: Clive Gillman FACT Centre, Liverpool
... determined the architecture of the building as they need to be ‘blacked out’ and each will seat 100-250 people...

Presentation: Carol Stenakas: Anchorage / CreativeTime, New York
...Because of the architecture of the space work also needs to draw people through the space and also seating space is needed which is sometimes part of the artworks themselves. Finally, the funding which was...

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Profile: Anthony Kiendl
...Kiendl, Director Visual Arts and Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre, Canada will speak about his recent interest in informal architecture: a topic on which he will be addressing the symposium ‘Conceptions of Space...

Profile: Amanda Ramos
...that integrate architecture and media, Amanda Ramos provides skills in developing strategies that bridge the physical and the virtual, developing interventions that invent public spaces and exploring the me...

Profile: Pol McLernon
... analysis in architecture and its s(c)rypts in everyday life, and the contest of selfhood as an occupied territory of fertile soil, bloody ground...

Profile: Laura Sillars
... Sillars is Programmes Director at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), where she has worked since 2005...

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Download: SFMOMA research project.
... research project...

Download: 2001 03b (Mar): Streaming New Media And Aesthetics
... 03b (Mar): Streaming New Media And Aesthetics Some current streaming projects, equipment needs, and ‘bandwidth aesthetics’/’truth to materials’ (3000 words)...

Download: 2001 05 (May): Showing New Media Art
... 05 (May): Showing New Media Art Tactics for exhibition and display, including debate from the Crumb Curating New Media seminar at the Baltic (7000 words)...

Download: 2004 04 (Apr): Exhibiting Locative Media
... 04 (Apr): Exhibiting Locative Media Showing art using mobile, GPS technology (including in public spaces) (9590 words). uploads/reports/200608011604212locativertf...

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Discussion List Postings

List Posting: 'Making a Difference' Lucy Kimbell
From: joasia <joasia@I-DAT.ORG>

...Making a Difference at the University of Plymouth ------------------------------------------------- - a project for i-DAT by Lucy Kimbell 11th - 22nd October 2004 Portland Square University of Plymouth UK http://www ...

List Posting: Banff Curatorial Institute: Informal Architecture symposium --
From: Sarah Cook <sarah.e.cook@SUNDERLAND.AC.UK>

...Hi crumb list following on from an event which took place at Tate in September . . . this symposium also addresses curating architecture . . . sarah Begin forwarded message: > From: "Kiendl , Anthony" <Ant...

List Posting: Re: definitions redux
From: Beryl Graham <beryl.graham@SUNDERLAND.AC.UK>

...This is a forwarded message from SIMON BIGGS ----------------- >Steve Dietz <mediachef@EARTHLINK .NET> wrote: >Subject: definitions redux >I wonder why it isn't appropriate to postulate a "new medi...

List Posting: Re: NEW-MEDIA-CURATING Digest - 3 Sep 2004 to 4 Sep 2004
From: Myron Turner <mturner@MS.UMANITOBA.CA>

... I've been using computers in my work for 15 years and working with the Internet since the first Mosaic browser , about 1994...

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