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Interview: An interview with Matthew Gansallo
...traditional audience and bring them online? MG: It wasn't an intention to make net art easier to understand, it was to engage the audience, into looking at how this work could be a tool f...

Interview: A conversation between Kathy Rae Huffman and Julie Lazar.
... different kind of audience to the work, rather than just people who are already interested in it, who know where to find it, is important...

Interview: New media, 'community art', and activism. Interviews with Natalie Bookchin and Brendan Jackson.
... not simply an audience looking for art, but on-line game players looking for games...

Interview: Interview with Peter Weibel, Chairman and CEO of the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, Germany.
... attracts a mass audience and is as popular as Mickey Mouse, then it is because of the festivals promoting media art...

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Presentation: "Art And Money Online"
... of a crossover audience between those people who knew about online culture and Web art and those people who know about gallery and museum art...

Presentation: Tamas Banovich, Postmasters Gallery, NY.
...1994 or 95 I was struck by the fact that there was this huge cultural change going on - that technology changed how people interact, work and how they perceive the world - and this somehow wasn't reflected in art of the ...

Presentation: Matthew Gansallo, webworks for the Tate.
... came up from the audience at some point, we didn’t want them to say that artworks were going out that no one knows about...

Presentation: Iliyana Nedkova Presentation
... this site-specific audience who is very well dispersed across the Internet channels...

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Profile: Beryl Graham
...Ph.D. concerned audience relationships with interactive art in gallery settings, and she has written widely on the subject for books and periodicals including Leonardo, Convergence, and Art Monthl...

Profile: Spencer Roberts
... in response to audience movements...

Profile: Liam Jefferies

Download: SFMOMA research project.
... research project...

Download: 2001 03 (Mar): The Role Of New Media Art Education And ‘Interpretation’
... 03 (Mar): The Role Of New Media Art Education And ‘Interpretation’ Developing from the March debate on big institutions, including the aesthetics of interpretation (5600 words)...

Download: 2006 04 (Apr): Art and Activism
... 04 (Apr): Art and Activism Self-organisation, direct action, collaboration and social networks (7300 words) uploads/reports/200608011557116activismrtf...

Download: 2001 03 (Mar): Big Media Art: New Media Art In Large Institutions
... 03 (Mar): Big Media Art: New Media Art In Large Institutions Does size matter? Some recent shows at the Whitney and SFMOMA are discussed (8300 words). uploads/reports/20060801155811big.rtf...

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Links: Curating New Media Art: SFMOMA and 010101

... press and audience feedback...

Links: Play Garden

... including audience research on art-sci exhibits...

Links: ArTronics

... technical and audience use details of an interactive installation artwork by Pamela Jennings...

Links: Perry Hoberman

... interviewed about audience use of his multi-user installations...

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Discussion List Postings

List Posting: ULTRASOUND / 2004 / 25 / 26 / 27 November /
From: Tom Holley <tomholley@THE-MEDIA-CENTRE.CO.UK>

...================================================= ULTRASOUND / 2004 / 25 / 26 / 27 November / ================================================= Ultrasound is a three day international festival exploring experimental soun...

List Posting: Pervasive and Locative Arts Network | cfp
From: Drew Hemment <drew@FUTURESONIC.COM>

...Those of you who participated in the April session on locative media might find this of interest . Drew [please forward] _ Announcement and CFP PERVASIVE AND LOCATIVE ARTS NETWORK (PLAN) A new international and ...

List Posting: Read_Me 2004 review
From: Peter Luining <email@CTRLALTDEL.ORG>

... Here's my review of the Read_Me festival 2004...

List Posting: Re: taxonomies
From: Josephine Bosma <jesis@XS4ALL.NL>

... hello all , The question Charlie brings up have been adressed at a congress organised by Hartware in Dortmund last year called '404 object not found'...

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