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Interview: Interview with Peter Weibel, Chairman and CEO of the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, Germany.
... - in a media installation you share the same space...

Interview: An interview with Christiane Paul
... component of the installation is missing...

Interview: An interview with Larry Rinder
... performance installation piece...

Interview: Multi-Multi-Media: an interview with Barbara London
... work. I organised installation shows with such artists as Nam June Paik, Laurie Anderson, Terry Fox, Shigeko Kubota, Gary Hill, and Bill Viola...

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Presentation: Curating New Media Art: Welcome and introductions
... at the issue of installation and I was just putting together some images of various projects (some of which I’ve been involved in) to address this...

Presentation: "Art And Money Online"
... that there was one installation - Autogena’s and Portway’s - which required a lot of money and so I think that immediately involves you in certain compromises which RTI, as I said, steps around...

Presentation: Tamas Banovich, Postmasters Gallery, NY.
...talks about the installation work of Jon Klima] Audience responses: Sarah Cook: … I wanted to start by asking you to comment on the relationship between the gallery as a commercial entity and how the mus...

Presentation: Matthew Gansallo, webworks for the Tate.
... moved on to installation and public art...

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Profile: Christiane Erharter
... continued with the installation "XX01/2003 - Infotainment" at Centre d'Art Santa Monica in Barcelona...

Download: CRUMB Technical Guide for Exhibiting New Media Art
... Technical Guide for Exhibiting New Media Art On the first version of the CRUMB web site Tom Cullen offered "22 things that curators should know about installing new media artwork"...

Download: 2001 03 (Mar): Big Media Art: New Media Art In Large Institutions
... 03 (Mar): Big Media Art: New Media Art In Large Institutions Does size matter? Some recent shows at the Whitney and SFMOMA are discussed (8300 words). uploads/reports/20060801155811big.rtf...

Download: 2001 05 (May): Showing New Media Art
... 05 (May): Showing New Media Art Tactics for exhibition and display, including debate from the Crumb Curating New Media seminar at the Baltic (7000 words)...

Download: 2001 06 (Jun): Installing It: Issues For Installing New Media Art In Gallery And Museum Settings
... 06 (Jun): Installing It: Issues For Installing New Media Art In Gallery And Museum Settings Technical and other debate (6126 words). uploads/reports/20060801160328install.rtf...

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Links: Disseminet installation - Stryker and Brooks.

... installation - Stryker and Brooks...

Links: ArTronics

... of an interactive installation artwork by Pamela Jennings...

Discussion List Postings

List Posting: Life 7.0 Jury Statement
From: Beryl Graham <beryl.graham@SUNDERLAND.AC.UK>

...:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: From: Rafael Lozano-Hemmer <errafael@mac .com> Date: December 2 , 2004 1:20:04 PM EST To: NEW-MEDIA-CURATING@JISCMAIL .AC .UK Subject: Life 7 .0 Jury Statement Life...

List Posting: Sound in Prague
From: Josephine Bosma <jesis@XS4ALL.NL>

...FUTURA-Prague Centre for Contemporary Art + Events presents: Objectually Speaking December 10th -February 6th , 2005 We think of museums , art institutions , and buildings in general as keeping noise out , minimizing ...

List Posting: Re: Data and Art:  November Theme of the Month
From: Beryl Graham <beryl.graham@SUNDERLAND.AC.UK>

...Dear List , In advance of the opening of "Database Imaginary" (the web site is now live) , I'd like to offer an examples from another exhibition . . . I recently saw the Bruce Mau show "Massive Change - The Future...

List Posting: Re: Sound in exhibitions
From: Naomi Spellman <spellman@34N118W.NET>

...i went to the LA freewaves video screenings 2 weeks ago , which consisted of a cacaphony of sound , with one installation indistinguishable from the rest . the mexican fine arts museum in chicago is using parabolic spe...

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